Moira Rogers

Why are some books only available on Amazon?


Honestly? Because it’s all we have time to do right now. In order to reissue these books in a timely manner while also maintaining our writing workload, we had to narrowly focus our efforts. Since historical data has shown us that the overwhelming majority of our readers shop for books at Amazon, the choice was clear.

Update: June 2016 – Most of the reissued books have slowly been rolled out to other platforms. We’re still working slowly on getting everything linked and set up, though, so please have patience!

We will certainly consider rolling the books out to other vendors if there’s interest, so we want to hear from you. Let us know your preferred vendor below. Filling out the form will also subscribe you to a special alert list (not our main one) that will let you know as soon as our books are available where you want to buy them.  We will not email you for any other reason, so if you want other updates, you’ll still have to subscribe to our main list:

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