Moira Rogers

A new (old) adventure!

So, in 2015 Donna & I were running on fumes. We needed to write something different, but our PNR was all tied up with our publisher and we didn’t think we had time. Then something magical happened: Kindle Unlimited made the popularity of serials explode.

So we made up a new penname with basically no social media presence and started writing one. It was cracky. It was over the top. It was a little bit bananas. It was kind of like what the O’Kanes would be like if they were a bunch of cage-fighting werewolves instead of cage-fighting bootleggers.

10,000 words at a time we told a story of a woman who falls in with these werewolves and discovers her own inner passion, and strength, and joy. She also found her true mate and got to live happily ever after.

Two parts into the sequel, real life exploded a little bit. Time dwindled, and even those 10,000 word stolen moments had to go away. Every second had to go to doing our best job at delivering on the promise of the O’Kanes and their war with Eden.

And our secret penname, Mia Thorne, died.

Now that the war with Eden–and with real life–is mostly over, we’ve found a little more time in our schedules. We want to get back to writing these cracky, over the top stories. But we don’t want to do it in secret anymore.

So over the coming weeks, we’ll be breathing a little new life into Moira Rogers. We’ll be releasing Protecting Their Mate (rebundled into three parts instead of eight) and working to finish the next story in the series. If you don’t like reading one part at a time, we’ve already got a discounted bundle of the complete serial up for pre-order, available in mid September.

These stories are raunchy. Sometimes there are mild orgies. A lot of kinky sex is had. They may not be for you, and that’s okay! But if you’re intrigued, check them out below…

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Release Dates: Part 1 – 7/24, Part 2 – 7/31, Part 3 – 8/7
Or buy the bundle on September 15th.

Grab the first three Southern Arcana books for 99 cents!

Today only, Southern Arcana books are 99 cents!

Woohoo! We’re back.  We may have snuck the Bloodhound books back up ahead of schedule, but today is the official kick-off of a billion (estimate) weeks of Moira Rogers rereleases!

For the next as-many-as-it-takes weeks we’ll celebrating the rerelease of one Moira Rogers book. Except today, when we’re celebrating three–the first three books in the Southern Arcana series.  This celebration will mostly include us going YAAAAY and making the book 99 cents for those of you who may have been patiently waiting for it, or who might have bought it in a different format at some point in the past and now want to snatch it up on kindle.

All new releases will be 99 cents for just the first few days. If you want to know the release schedule (so far) you can check it out here and sign up for our newsletter so you get an email when each new early-bird price special goes live:

Today, however, we have THREE!

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We’re also celebrating the new release with a cover reveal of all six of the Southern Arcana covers over at Fiction Vixen. They were some of the first bloggers who supported the series back in the distant past (2009 seems like a very long time ago!) so we appreciate coming full circle with them. (Plus there’s a free kindle! Giveaway! Kindle giveaway! Hooray!)

Moira Rogers, Chapter Three

So, you may have noticed some changes around here. As in, there are a lot fewer books on this website than there were a few weeks ago. And also the website looks entirely different. And also hi, we’re posting on it!

Publishing ebbs and flows, and for a while we’ve been focusing on our books as Kit Rocha. Sometimes you have to make the hard choices about where your time goes, at least until someone gets me an actual time turner. (The one from Universal Studios isn’t working as advertised. Harumph.) But we’ve turned the page on our publishing adventure as Moira Rogers, and this new chapter is full of exciting possibilities.

Several of you have contacted us because you can’t find most of our Moira Rogers titles at retailers. That’s because they’re currently in the process of being reissued. They’ll have bright and shiny new covers (check out this sneak peek of the Bloodhounds covers below!), but inside they’ll still be the same stories you enjoyed.

As we go forward, we’re hoping to help them find a new audience who can come along with us as we venture forth into new, untold stories. I hope this is good news to those of you who have been waiting so patiently.

If you want to come along with us on this journey, sign up below! Our announcement list will have alerts every time a book has been reissued, and news about new books, contests and exciting things we’ve been plotting in our evil evil brains.

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