Moira Rogers

In honor of the release of Archer’s Lady, we’re offering a sneak peek into the world of the Bloodhounds as seen by one of their most ardent admirers–Leatrice Kettering, a Bloodhound groupie so dedicated she literally wrote the book on how to hang with these fearsome fellows.

Keeping Company With Bloodhounds

1. Introduction to Bloodhounds
2. The Guild: a History
3. Inventors: Brains vs Brawn
4. Soldiers: The Brave Volunteers
5. Criminals: The Redeemed Outlaws
6. The Full Moon: A Monster Revealed
7. The New Moon: Fact From Fiction
8. The New Moon: Practical Considerations
9. The New Moon: An Anecdote
10: Society: Bloodhounds in the City
11. The Wilds: Bloodhounds on the Border
12: Vampires: The Bloody Truth
13: The Deadlands: Important Landmarks
14: Border Brothels: A Bloodhound’s Second Home
15: Mating: Happily Ever After
16: Popular Establishments: Meet Your Hound
17: Anecdotes: Best Gossip of the Past
18: Rumors: The Latest News