Moira Rogers

Coming Soon…

Because of all the excitement around here, things are happening pretty quickly! What that means is a lot of new releases are going to be happening in quick succession, and things will be a bit chaotic. What we do know: all future books will be reissued at 99 cents for the first day or two to give readers who want to buy these new versions a chance to pick them up cheap.


Recent & Upcoming Releases


November 6th: Wilder’s Mate
November 6th: Hunter’s Prey
November 6th: Archer’s Lady
November 6th: Diana’s Hound
November 9th: Crux
November 9th: Crossroads
November 9th: Deadlock
November 16th: Cipher
November 23rd: Impulse
November 30th: Enigma
December 7th: Cry Sanctuary
December 21st: Sanctuary Lost
January 4th: Sanctuary’s Price
January 18th: Sanctuary Unbound
February 1st: Building Sanctuary

Wilder's Mate Hunter's Prey Archer's Lady Diana's Hound Crux Crossroads