Moira Rogers

Coming Soon…

Because of all the excitement around here, things are happening pretty quickly! What that means is a lot of new releases are going to be happening in quick succession, and things will be a bit chaotic. We’ve currently reissued all of the books we plan to for present. Some other titles we’re withholding until we have a chance to write the next books in the series (like the Green Pines books) or until we decide what the fate of the series will be. In the meantime, there are plenty of books to choose from!

Reissued Titles


November 6th: Wilder’s Mate
November 6th: Hunter’s Prey
November 6th: Archer’s Lady
November 6th: Diana’s Hound
November 9th: Crux
November 9th: Crossroads
November 9th: Deadlock
November 16th: Cipher
November 23rd: Impulse
November 30th: Enigma
December 7th: Cry Sanctuary
December 21st: Sanctuary Lost
January 4th: Sanctuary’s Price
January 18th: Sanctuary Unbound
February 1st: Building Sanctuary

Wilder's Mate Hunter's Prey Archer's Lady Diana's Hound Crux Crossroads