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Get the Red Rock Pass books for cheap!

Hey guys! Now that we’re finally getting caught up, I’m happy to announce that the Red Rock Pass books are widely available again! And to celebrate, we’ve discounted book #1 to free and books #2-4 to 99 cents, so those of you who don’t shop on Amazon have a chance to score the deal everyone else got when we reissued them.  This deal only lasts through May 15th, so get to clicking!


We’ve also reissued the two Building Sanctuary novellas together in one edition! So if you were looking for Seamus, Joan, Victor and Simone, here they are: Amazon US, Amazon UK, Google, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo

Two stories about the founding of the first Sanctuary town, including the story of Adam DuBois’s tragic past. While these stories take place first, chronologically, they’re best read after Sanctuary Unbound.

A Safe Harbor

Joan Fuller enjoyed a privileged life—until her wealth and connections garnered her the wrong sort of attention. Her rejection of a textile heir’s proposal comes back to bite her when he turns out to be a werewolf on the prowl for a mate.

She may have been turned against her will, but now that she’s part of his pack she sets out to protect all its women. Even if that means joining forces with a witch and a vampire—and leaving the comfort of Boston.

Former bootlegger Seamus Whelan has cleaned up his act, but when his old partner Gavin comes to him for help, he can’t say no—no matter how deadly the threat. Escorting some female wolves to safety should have been easy, except their leader is a prim ex-debutante with enough power to challenge Seamus himself.

Her courage captures his interest, and her first hesitant kiss ensnares his heart. But before they can build a haven for their kind, they must free themselves of the past—and the powerful man who’s out to teach her a lesson she may not survive…


Victor left behind a life of crime to focus on a new vision—helping his alpha build an island sanctuary for werewolves. Harsh experiences prepared him for the hardships involved, except when it comes to dealing with the young female refugees of the brutal Boston pack—especially Simone, who rouses his inner wolf like no other. A woman he must resist, or risk becoming just the latest man to make demands on her.

Born to wealth and privilege, Simone lost everything when she fell for the seductive whispers of the textile heir who turned her. Once adrift, now she is fired by a new sense of purpose—the chance to broker peace between werewolves and European wizards. Yet even as Europe beckons, her instincts—the same ones that led to trouble before—keep drawing her back to Victor.

During a sailing trip to the mainland for supplies, Victor finds it impossible to hold himself aloof from the warm, engaging Simone. And when a winter storm traps them together during a full moon, she breaks through his walls so easily and completely, the question is no longer how he’ll stay away, but how he’ll let her go.

Kat and Andrew’s Big Damn Love is back!


Our exciting rerelease party rages on. This week is one of my favorite books–the psychic hacker girl and her cousin/guardian’s best friend… so many of my most beloved tropes in one book.

Andrew and Kat have a rocky road to love that starts back in the first couple books of the series.  But they came into their own in Cipher, and this book set up plenty of future stories we had planned. 😉

Buy it now for 99 cents:
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Kat Gabriel’s empathic ability is no gift–it’s a deadly weapon. She’s used it once, in a bloody confrontation to save Andrew Callaghan’s life. Now she bears the inescapable weight of those deaths—and aches for the loss of the easy relationship she once shared with Andrew. Unleashing her power may have saved his life, but it couldn’t save his humanity. Or their friendship.

Since the attack that turned him into a werewolf, Andrew’s sole focus has been on making himself stronger. Pushing Kat away hurt like hell, but she doesn’t need a friend. She needs a protector strong enough to shield her from the supernatural world that forced her to kill. Strong enough to resist their volatile connection.

As Kat’s quest to understand the violent legacy of her past leads her into the darkest underbelly of the psychic world, Andrew is at her side. Yet every step forward rips open old emotional wounds and shakes his control. Where they’re headed, distractions of any kind can be fatal—especially when the greatest threat they pose is to each other.

The Southern Arcana Series

Clean Slate!

Moira Rogers is being reborn! All of the old posts are gone, but new ones should be coming soon. <3