Moira Rogers

Virgin Daiquiri

Last Call, Story Four
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November, 2008

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Caitlin Carlson, the only non-witch in the powerful Dumitrescu line, needs to lose her virginity, and fast. A family legend about a pure soul with prophetic visions has put her first in line for a good, old-fashioned sacrifice, and visiting Last Call seems like the perfect way to head off her one-way trip to the altar. Buy a drink, go upstairs, have sex. Simple.

Virgin Daiquiri: Looking for a first lover.

Being a demon isn’t as easy as it used to be, especially with the dwindling number of corruptible souls in the 21st century. Luckily for Leofric, he’s never been particularly concerned with corrupting enough innocents to earn a promotion off of the mortal plane. But when a virgin wanders into Last Call and stirs up competition among the younger demons, Leo finds himself tempted to rethink his stance on mixing a demon’s business with a woman’s pleasure.

Originally released in December, 2008. Reissued by the author in April 2012 with a new cover.

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The elevator coasted to a stop, and Leo straightened with a lazy chuckle that heated her blood. “You don’t know much about demons, do you?”

“No. Most of the evil I see is of the human variety.” She snatched the key card and checked the room number as she hurried out of the elevator. “Five-twelve. Know where it is?”

“End of the hallway. Last door on the right.” She hadn’t heard so much as a footstep to indicate he’d followed her, but his voice came from just behind her left shoulder. “Demons aren’t inherently evil, you know. Most of us have our vices, I admit, but just because our job is to corrupt and cause chaos, it doesn’t mean we all do it with equal enthusiasm.”

“I stand corrected, then.” He was tall and broad through the shoulders, and it felt like he took up the entire hallway. “Where do you fall on the spectrum? Love your job or hate it?”

“Neither. I just flat-out don’t do it. Work’s a drag. I’d rather play.”

Yet here he was, about to spend at least part of his night guiding a nervous virgin through her first sexual encounter. Caitlin wrinkled her nose at him as she opened the door. “Then what are you doing up here with me? There are plenty of better playmates downstairs.”

“Sex is fun.” He touched her lower back again and nudged her over the threshold. “You’re hot. And it’s been a few hundred years since someone dumped a drink on me on purpose.” The door closed behind them with a soft click. “Of course, that means I need a shower first. Fruity drinks are sticky.”

Guilt and mortification nearly overwhelmed her. “Sorry about that. Uh, take your time. I’ll wait. Or did you…” She cleared her throat and nodded toward the bathroom door. “Did you want to just do it in the shower?”

Leo studied her, his green eyes unreadable. Then he tilted his head to one side. ” You can join me in the shower, but I’m not going to fuck you there.”

Frustration stabbed through her, but Caitlin just tugged her shirt over her head. “Why not?”

His gaze dropped to her chest, and he smiled as he leaned down to pull off his boots. “Because a shower’s a lousy place to lose your virginity. You’ve been watching too much porn.”

“The virginity is technical.” Don’t blush, don’t you dare blush. “Just because I’ve never had a man inside me doesn’t mean I’m… untried.”

“Uh-huh.” When he was barefoot, he padded across the room in the direction of the bathroom, discarding his shirt along the way and leaving her with a breathtaking view of gorgeous shoulders and a smooth, muscled back. “I’m not a mortal man, cutie pie. If anything in your underwear drawer could compare, demons wouldn’t get laid so much.”

Even in her skirt and bra, she forgot to feel self-conscious as she followed him. “Are all demons as conceited as you, or does it come with age?”

He spun without warning, and she almost collided with his bare chest. His belt already hung open, and he unbuttoned his pants as she watched. “I’m not conceited. I really am that good.”

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