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All of the existing Southern Arcana books have been reissued!


With the release of Enigma today, we have reissued the complete series (as it now stands.)  Hurraaay! Thank you all who have shared the love, bought and cheered and supported and promoted. It means the world!

The big question: will there be more books? Well, we sure hope so. But we’re not making any announcements on new Moira Rogers books until we have the next book written, because we don’t want to cause any future disappointments. But know that we’re watching our schedule closely, excited for our first chance to sneak a little Moira back into the mix.  🙂

Out Today: Enigma (Southern Arcana #6)


Anna Lenoir has always fought. First to escape a broken childhood, then to prove a female shapeshifter can stand shoulder to shoulder with the men. Now she fights for money, and her reputation is as legendary as her stone-cold heart. She’s never met a man she couldn’t walk away from.

Until him.

Bounty hunter Patrick McNamara has a scary reputation of his own, along with mysterious powers linked to his many tattoos. On the clock, they’re the perfect supernatural-crime-solving team. After hours, she’s ready to rock his world. But Patrick won’t settle for just her body, and Anna’s better at breaking homes than making them.

When the heir to the Southwest council goes missing, their combined skills are the best chance of averting a territory war. But the hunt will drag them through the most vulnerable parts of their broken pasts. Daring to risk her heart might be the first fight she loses, and the stakes have never been higher.

Because Patrick will sacrifice anything for her. Even his life.

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