Haunted Sanctuary Spoiler Post!

Hey, guys! I haven’t done this in a while, but I promised a couple people I would.   This is a post where you can ask about the Green Pines series and what’s coming up in future books, or ask/talk about things that happened in Haunted Sanctuary.  And as such, THERE MAY BE SPOILERS!  Last warning.

The first spoilery thing I can reveal is the blurb for the next book, in case you missed me sneaking it up onto our website a couple days ago.  This book will be out on July 9th, so not too big a wait!

Green PinesLorelei Adams has lost many things–her humanity, her life, even her son. She’s always fought through her exhaustion, always stayed strong for her pack, but now there are new alphas to take care of the others.  Unfortunately, time to rest means time to think about her own pain.

Colin Knox knows about exhaustion.  He’s acted as judge, jury and executioner to rogue wolves for over a decade, but never lingered long enough to help the survivors pick up the pieces–until now. Lorelei rouses his instincts, both protective and carnal.  She’s willing, but only to indulge in physical distraction. Colin wants more, to be the hero who slays her monsters.

Especially when it becomes clear that malicious magic is loose in their sanctuary.  The danger draws them together until it’s impossible to separate lust from affection, good intentions from rationalizations.  Darkness is stirring at Green Pines.  If they can’t fight it together, they could lose everything they have left.

Warning: Contains a weary vigilante hero looking for a place to call home and a stubborn werewolf heroine unwilling to admit she needs help. Also appearing: small town prejudices, big city dangers, naked chases through the woods and ghosts. Lots of ghosts.

* * *

After Haunted Wolves there are two more books in the series, Haunted Magic and Haunted Hearts.  And while I’m not going to tell you exaaaactly who those books feature, we definitely didn’t try to hide our endgame in Haunted Sanctuary.

So, anyone have any questions? Or comments? Anyone want to punch us?  😀  (We probably earned it with the ending, but see? Next book soon!)


  1. Teresa Morris-lloyd says:

    I am looking forward to Haunted Wolves and many more books in this series! I have read The Red Rock Pass Series and I loved it!!! Will there be any more books in that series? I am now on The Southern Arcana Series and not even all the way through the first book and I know I am going to love this one as well!
    Happy reading and writing*

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