Hi, 2013! Let’s be friends!

We’ve been truly down the rabbit hole for the past month. Eeeek!  Sorry for the radio silence, y’all, but between the holidays and our writing deadlines, we’ve been in CRAZYTOWN, USA.  Population: 2 kooky authors.

The Updates:  We’re done with the second Green Pines novel and getting ready for the release of the first. There are contests all over the internet where you can win a set of the Red Rock Pass ebooks, like here and here & here.  Each have unique excerpts from the series, and some musings about why we wrote/love that scene or what it says about the world.  And there are more to come…thanks to Samhain Publishing for making the tour possible!  (And providing the 80 books as prizes. Wooo-hoo!)

So, what’s coming soon, eh?

2013/2014 Release Schedule

Jan 21st, 2013: Beyond Shame (novel, audio)
Jan 22nd, 2013: Haunted Sanctuary (novel, digital)
Feb/March 2013: Beyond Control (as Kit Rocha, digital & print)
* March 5th, 2013: Shadowed Moon (Wilder’s Mate & Hunter’s Prey, print)
April 23rd, 2013: Diana’s Hound (category, digital)
July 9th, 2013: Haunted Wolves (novel, digital)
* August 6th, 2013: Impulse (novel, print)
October 1st, 2013: Enigma (novel, digital)
* January 2014: Haunted Sanctuary (novel, print)
Mid 2014: Shattered Moon (Archer’s Lady & Diana’s Hound, print)
Late 2014: Enigma (novel, print)

* titles that have already released in digital

We also hope to have Firecracker out (finally!) and Beyond Pain.  If things go really, really well, maybe Beyond Pain will be moved up a bit and we miiiight even manage to sneak Beyond Jealousy in before the end of the year.  That will mostly depend on how other things are going.  We’re going to avoid giving release dates for self-published books until we’ve finished writing them, just to avoid having to change our minds on y’all!

As you can see, that’s a lot of stuff!  But we’ve already written all of the Moira Rogers projects save the last 1/2 of Enigma.  We may have one or two shorter mystery projects self-published in 2013, and we’ll be working hard on Kit Rocha.  But for the next little while, all of our attention will be on the new Sanctuary books (releasing Haunted Sanctuary and edits on Haunted Wolves) and finishing & publishing Beyond Control.

Speaking of Haunted Wolves, did y’all see the cover?!


Haunted Wolves


So, that’s all the latest around these parts.  Now I’m back to work!

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