CONTEST: Hammer Down – ebooks & autographed print copies!

Hammer Down in Print

Wheeee, Hammer Down will be available in print next month, and we have our author copies now.  This book…oh, this book.

Guys, I love this book.  It will always have a super extra special place in my heart, because that’s where it came from.  If anything was ever the book of my heart, it was this.  (And, weirdly, Beyond Shame.  I’m not sure what it says that both of the books of my heart are post-apocalyptic wastelands with non-traditional sexual dynamics, except that my heart is FREAKING AWESOME and probably a dangerous place to vacation.)

We have not started the sequel to Hammer Down (yet) but I still have hopes that we will.  If you enjoyed Beyond Shame but wanted more world-building, you might like Hammer Down.  There are bad, bad boys and badass women and demons and hackers and of course some dirty sexing.  😀  And these are some of the people you could meet…

Team Outcast (Male)

Zel: With a mother strong-willed enough to escape a demon’s clutches and a step-father capable enough to hold together an outcast enclave, Zel was raised to leadership. It’s too bad his demon nature is more suited to savagery than statesmanship. He’ll lead his people because it’s his duty, but he’d rather be punching someone in the face. Repeatedly.

Hailey: Hailey’s mother could summon demons. Her father was demon-spawn. She’s one of the first generation of hybrids, humans with strong demon and summoner blood mixing in their veins to create magical ability. Or, in her case, psychic ability. Hailey knows if you’ve been bad or good, and will make you regret it if you try to lie to her.

Lorenzo: Some halfblood demons are fighters. Some are lovers. Then there’s Lorenzo. Technically he’s only half-incubus, but that hasn’t stopped him from being 100% irresistible to women and men alike. He’s also the iron fist that will crush any halfblood caught using magic to cross the line between seduction and coercion.

Trip: Being mostly human doesn’t make you powerless–not when you’re a world class hacker in a network-dependent world. Whether it’s security, communication or entertainment, he’s the final word on computing in virtual reality among the outcasts. If you’re really nice to him, he might share his stash of pre-apocalypse music and movies, too.

Jai: Most halfblood outcasts were born to human women who escaped demons. Jai’s halfblood mother worshiped them as gods. There are probably more comfortable places to grow up than a demon hunting camp–Sparta and Hell being among them–but Jai has done his best to adjust to a life with human rules, even if he’s more demon than man.

Team Trucker (Female)

Devi: Devi is third-generation trucker and a human citizen in good standing. Human leaders pay her well to brave demon attacks while hauling goods between cities. Outcasts pay her even more to accept off-books trade missions. She’s loyal to her people, but fully capable of throwing you to the demons if you threaten those she cares about.

Juliet: Don’t even bother, macho men of the world. Her guns are bigger than yours, and she can use them. Juliet’s never come across a firearm she couldn’t master, and she’s seen her share. As Devi’s resident weapons expert, she’s at the front of any battle–and is usually the one to end it. Okay, maybe she has a secret in her past…but what mercenary doesn’t have secrets?

Tanner: Speaking of secrets… Tanner is the original man of mystery. He came from a mysterious training outpost in the southwest. He sometimes speaks Spanish. He could kill you with dental floss, if you have enough credits to find some dental floss after the apocalypse. Ladies, he’s a flirt. Feel free to ask him his sign–just don’t ask why he’s inhumanly fast.

Cache: One bad run-in with a demon can ruin your whole day. Cache lost her access to the human world when she was declared demon-tainted and lost her hearing when a back-alley doctor botched her network chip replacement, but she hasn’t let either setback stop her. If you get on her bad side she might just hack your brain. She can do that, you know.

Shane: Shane might not be able to hack your brain, but he could build you a new one out of wires and circuit boards. If it runs on electricity, Shane can build it, fix it or enhance. The city offered him a posh job, but a serious case of claustrophobia drove him to choose open-if-demon-infested freedom of the road over a life underground.

* * *



  1. I just started reading your books and I can’t seem to stop! I would love to win either prize. Thank you for the chance to win!

  2. Love how passionate you are about this book. I’m sure it will not disappoint!!!!

    (Autographed copy, please…I tend to be technology challenged.)

  3. I would like to read this book 😀
    (I’m entering for the autographed copy)

  4. Irene Jackson says:

    Bad ass boys ! Oh yes please I would love to win either sort of copy if available to International. I’m a reader from the UK. love the Bloodhounds series.

  5. This was a great book. I would love to win a print copy.

  6. I love to read about some bad bad boys and dirty sexing (i’m assuming it’s not in mud, but the good kind of dirty).

    I would take either print or ebook, but am trying to force myself to just get ebooks since I have a reader and little space. Hard to break the regular book habit though.

  7. Book sounds amazing! Would love either one:)

  8. whitewolfreads says:

    I wouldn’t mind either the print or the ebook. I’m really looking forward to reading Hammer Down (since I love everything else you two write). Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. I’ll buy this book anyway, because I buy them all, but a signed copy would be sa-weeeet! I read to escape, and there aren’t many books I get lost in as much as yours!

  10. Readsalot81 says:

    What an excellent description.. Sold! 😀 The book sounds awesome, I’d love to check it out! :) I love print and e-books.. though my first choice would be the digital copy. Thanks for such a generous giveaway, you guys are wonderful!

  11. Ohh I haven’t read this yet but bound to love it like the rest of your books. Must go put it on my wish list :) If I win would love an ebook for the kindle.

  12. Sharon Knight says:

    This sounds like an awesome series that I just have to read!!! I’ll love either e-book or print, but would love to have a signed book most!!!
    Thank you for having this give away!!!!

  13. I would love to hang out at a shooting range with Juliet. She sounds like a kick ass chick!

    Great giveaway I would love to win either ebook or print.

  14. evening-green says:

    There’s still a lot of books of yours I haven’t read and this is one of them, so I’d love to win either print copy or ebook!

  15. Katie White says:

    I would love either. super excited to read this book. I hope you get to continue this series and world.
    thanks for the contest!!

  16. I can’t stop reading your books! Help!

    I added this to my TBR list on Goodreads. Sounds awesome and I can’t wait to read it. Good luck! (and thanks for the opportunity. An ebook would be great -I have a Nook- but seriously, either is fine with me cause whether I win or not I will snapping this up to read soon! :) )

  17. XxxXLozXxxX says:

    I really want to read this book – and demon bait – I think the world sounds awesome, and I am totally intrigued.

    This series will pick up. It will be a snowball kinda thing. It will just keep collecting readers until your sales pick up and then you will get to write a sequel, which I will totally read!! >_<

    I'd love to win the print book, but I would honestly be happy with either. And as always, you gals rock!

  18. I love this series. Love love love it. I have such a soft spot for post-apocalyptic craziness (which might explain why I love Beyond Shame so much, too).

    I’m aiming for a print copy since I already have a digital one.

  19. Musing Bookworm says:

    I haven’t yet found a bad-ass guy I haven’t liked =] or a Moira Rogers book I haven’t loved.

    Ebook please

  20. I LOVED this book. I would love to win a hard copy 😀

  21. I haven’t found a Moira Rogers book yet that I didn’t love! I have an ebook copy but I would love to win a print copy so I can give it to my best friend who doesn’t have an ebook reader.

  22. Print, please! Gotta have my keepers in print, signed 😉 Yay, Moira!

  23. Hi Ladies
    I own everything you have written I love your books I have the Southern Arcadia, Red Rock Pass and Sanctuary in print as well and would definately love to add this book to my print collection. I know I am international so I would be more than happy to cover the postage. I share your books on my FB page and I tell who ever I can here in Aus about your books and most of my friends now own them as well. I hope you get a great reponse you write amazing books and I love it everytime I find out you have another book releasing in print. Let me know if You have anything you would like me to do tohelp spread the word further.
    Thanks Tracie

  24. Karen Peterson says:

    I can’t wait to read this one. I love the techno stuff but with hot dirty sex and such it should be great. I can’t wait to read it! I love the bigger guns analogy! I would prefer the digital copy since I travel so much.

  25. pam crotts says:

    I was just searching for post-apocalyptic books and found your site. I would love to acquaint myself with your works in either format, although an author signed copy is always special. Thanks for the opportunity.

  26. LadyVampire says:

    I would love a chance to read this book. I’d take either an e-book or a print book but I would love the print book best. Thanks for the giveaway!

  27. I would love to have a signed copy of this book!!! I love having my authors siggys!! :)

    Thank you for the contest

  28. I would love to win a print copy of your book! :)

    Thank you for the chance to win!!

  29. oo.. i would love to win the print copies, i’m a sucker for autograph copies :) thanks ladies, and congrats for the book

  30. Please enter me to win a digital copy! I think Im in love – so far everything Ive read by ya’ll has been fantastic!

    kerryjcj AT verizon DOT net

  31. Looking forward to reading this book. I would love to win either ebook or print copy. Thanks.

  32. Congrats on the upcoming release!!!!! Thanks for the fantastic giveaway! I’d be open to either print or e-copy :)

  33. I would love to win either. Have read a few of your works and love “losing myself” in each. Can’t wait to enter this relam too.

  34. This sounds like a great and intriguing read. Please count me in for a Print. Thanks for the chance.
    Carol L.

  35. I would love to read this book and would love to win either book.

  36. I just read Beyond Shame and loved it. I can’t wait for the next book in this series. I would love to win either a print book or e-book of this new series.

  37. I love your books. got hooked a few months ago cannot get enough i would love either a print or an ebook. keep up the food work.

  38. I would love to read this book and if lucky enough to win a copy…I would love a print, but would be very happy with an ebook.

    I have read several of your series and I am still reading some. I always look forward to a new book.

  39. Patty Quintas says:

    I would love to get my hands on a copy or your book ! happy to get it on my kindle (ebook), Thanks for the opportunity ! love your books

  40. Mary Preston says:

    I can hear your enthusiasm. A must read for me.

    Kindle or print would be great thank you.


  41. Kinks n PNR?! Ebook please!

  42. This doesn’t deserve a squee; it deserves a double squee. SQUEE! SQUEE!

    i look forward in reading this.

    If chosen, I would like ebook format, please.

  43. I love your books. You guys are awesome. I would love to win. (Either ebook or print, doesn’t matter to me) :)

  44. This looks awesome! I would love a copy for my Kindle and would definitely review it on my blog, Amazon, Goodreads, the works! :)

  45. How have I not read this title already? I’d love either format,

    Though I might buy it before you pick winners because I am just terrible at waiting.

  46. Oh. Oh! Beyond Shame is one of my all-time favorite pieces of lit with the dirty left in 😉 Sounds like Hammer Down just might help ease the wait until the next installment . I’d love to win a copy and don’t care if it’s ‘Kindling’ or paper.

  47. I’m up for winning either print or ebook. All your books are amazing, but I really like alternative genre-crossing works the best, so good luck getting more interest drummed up!

  48. Nancy Gilliland says:

    Would love a print copy of this one-you already know how I feel about this book, and want so much more from this world. Hopefully, you will get a chance to do more in the future. I was Team Outcast all the way!!!

  49. One. Of. My. All. Time. Favorites. I have the digital version BUT would LOVE LOVE LOVE a paper back to add to my shelf. Part of the love is walking by the bookshelf and being able to look at the book itself. Especially looking at a signed copy. That would cause the crazy little fan girl to come out and be giddy with joy!

  50. I am a Moira Rogers addict. :) I’d love the digital version since I have all your other books in digital (and a few doubles in print…)

  51. I sending a wish to the universe that Everyone discovers this book. This is one of those worlds that makes me wish I could win the lottery so I could pay a huge advance to have the series written. [ Honestly, if you don’t win… go buy it & Demon Bait, you won’t be sorry.]
    I have the digital, but would love to have a signed print for the special shelf.
    Thank you for being so incredibly crazy generous to you fans..
    Good luck everyone .. got my fingers crossed : )

  52. Loved this book and will read any other set in this world. Want a print since I already have the ebook. Think I am due for a reread once I catch up on the Bloodhounds.

  53. whoohoo I so need to catch up on your books. I would love to have either copy.
    scrtsbpal at yahoo dot com

  54. I love your books, ladies! I am slowly getting them all in digital. I would love to win this one in digital.

    Good luck with your next project!


  55. Kelly sent me and I’m intrigued! post-apocalyptic paranormal romancey cyberpunkish type novelisation? Umm.. that’s.. pretty much my ideal book.

    I’d like to put my name down for a paper copy BUT I can accept ebooks in Kindle format too so I’ll say either. Please! 😀

  56. Little Lamb Lost says:

    I would love to try this book. Either print or ebook would be great.

  57. Arianna Gray says:

    *not entering comp*

    I already own this on ebook and don’t want to take the chance away from someone who is yet to own a copy.

    Just wanted to say this book is awesome! Whoever wins it is in for a major treat :-)

    Aria, xo

  58. I want the auntographed book please. I hope you write the next book. So is Beyond Shame the first book or a prequeal to Hammer Down? I hope this is a series because all the characters you listed above sound like they need their own book.


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