Hunter's Prey Cover Flats & Bloodhound Guild Stickers! Wheeee!

Now that we have our incredibly badass assistant around to help out with the contests, we can give more things away! Wheeee! And the first thing we’re doing is giving away new release goodies with each book that comes out.

I made up our cover flats back before kindlegraph, when people wanted us to be able to autograph something in place of our ebooks.  So anyone who’s looking for something fun now that Hunter’s Prey will be out tomorrow can fill out the form below and get their own signed cover flat PLUS a Bloodhound Guild sticker & a Hunter collector’s card.  Seen here:

Autographed cover flat, Hunter collector card & Bloodhound Logo sticker.

This is not a contest. We’ll give these away until we run out–and I’m hoping we don’t run out any time soon. :)

I'm sorry! Release month is over. This offer is closed until our next new release.

Wheee! And we’ll be back tomorrow with celebration and huzzahs and all sorts of fun.


  1. Thanks again ladies! I so love those things!

  2. Woohoo! What pretties! Should have my copy of the book when I wake up tomorrow! Yay!

  3. Have I told you how much I love you guys? I LOVE YOU GUYS!

  4. I am so excited!!!! Thanks!!!

  5. Oh man this is awesome!!!!!!! You guys rock!

  6. SO going to put that sticker on my kindle. 😉

  7. Irene Jackson says:

    Thank You :)

  8. Thanks so much for your super giveaways. I collect bookmarks and your cover flats are a welcome addition to my collection.

  9. Karen P says:

    Love the abs on that hound!

  10. Little Lamb Lost says:

    Way cool! Thanks!

  11. *happy dance* SO happy! Thanks so much! These are absolutely fabulous! And congratulations on the release! :)

  12. Thanks for making it international.

  13. I’m so late! Did you guys run out yet? I just signed up for it but don’t know if I should be expecting anything?


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