It's aliiiiive!

It’s a blast from the past!

Mystic Valley is the first series we published, waaaaay back in the early days of, errr, 2008.  Okay, so maybe that wasn’t that long ago, but it sure seems like it now!  We had a lot of fun ideas planned for this series and world, but complications got in the way.  (Booo, complications.)

However, the rights on our Mystic Valley books have reverted, so we’ve been working hard on getting them reformatted and prepared for re-release.

At current the series consists of the following…

The Three Free Stories

Moonshine That Old Black Magic The 13th Step

These short stories are available free on our website and at All Romance Ebooks, and for 99 cents on Nook & Kindle.  (We can’t make them free there, or we would!)

One Newly Reissued Novella & One Reissued Category Length Novel

Some Like it Haunted Last Hope

After some deliberation, we decided to price the backlist novella at $0.99 and the novel at $2.99.  We both feel like backlist can be a little cheaper than new releases, so that’s how we’re going here.  (Last Hope is not available on kindle yet, but it hopefully will be shortly!)

One Upcoming New Release


The first new Mystic Valley story since January 2009!  We’re all but finished with it now, and will be procuring an editor and hopefully getting it out in early 2012. After that we’re hoping to write more new novellas in the world, featuring many of the characters we had previously introduced.

The Mystic Valley stories had our usual ensemble cast, but they were much more stand alone in nature than some of our other series.  Most can be read out of order without much confusion and some take place away from the main storyline.  A few years ago, when Last Hope was coming out, I did a post on how the stories are connected.  So I’m pasting that below!

Sara Patel is the heroine of Some Like It Haunted. Her mother is a formidable practitioner of magic of the sexual nature as well as owner of a popular Mystic Valley restaurant where Adrian & Kiara eat breakfast–and get into a bit of a fight–in Last Hope. Both Sara Patel and her hero Reed Mercier are graduate students and lecturers in Mystic Ridge University’s School of Paranormal Studies, where the dean is Adam Kendrick, who also happens to make an appearance in Last Hope as one of Adrian‘s best friends.

Speaking of Adam Kendrick, his brother, Blake, is a shapeshifting bounty hunter with a weakness for a vampire who isn’t any good for him.  Though Blake and Ella will both go on to find their own love and romance, you can read their lovers-to-friends story in The 13th Step.  (Updated 2011 note: Ella will be the heroine of Bloodlust.)

But Adam wasn’t the only person helping out Adrian & Kiara in Last Hope! They never would have made it to the end without their mismatched sidekicks Lars & Claire, whose unlikely meeting can be found in Moonshine.  They also get help from a witch, Magdalena, who is partly responsible for sending Max on the job that gets him into so much trouble with Polly in That Old Black Magic.

SO! There you are.  A little blast from the past this Monday, and you can click on any of the covers to check out the books, or hop over to the respective sites where they’re for sale (or free, in the first 3 cases):

Moonshine: HTML (Free Download), HTML (Read Online), Free PDF, Free Kindle/Mobi, Free Epub, All Romance Ebooks, Barnes & Noble, Amazon

The 13th Step: Free PDF, HTML (Read Online), HTML (Free Download), Free Kindle/Mobi, Free Epub, All Romance Ebooks, Barnes & Noble, Amazon

That Old Black Magic: Free PDF, Free Kindle/Mobi, HTML (Free Download), HTML (Read Online), Free Epub, All Romance Ebooks, Barnes & Noble, Amazon

Some Like it Haunted: Romance Ebooks, Amazon, Barnes & Noble

Last Hope: All Romance Ebooks, Barnes & Noble (Amazon coming soon)



  1. Damn I guess I read these out of order and haven’t read them all! I will have to remedy that quickly. The covers look great and thanks so much for the free and discounted reads. Xoxo

  2. Cool! I love all the covers:) I think I read Moonshine then somehow got distracted or confused or a combination of both and missed the others. I think they might even be on my laptop. O_O Off to figure it out!

  3. All these covers lined up look so pretty!

  4. Chelsea B. says:

    Awesome! I will definitely be checking them out!

  5. Woo hoo I have the free ones already but I’ve been waiting to read them until y’all released the others again :)


  6. I’m now current – thank you!!

  7. I read them when first released but the guide is helpful and I might need to reread before Bloodlust comes out.

  8. SQUEE! I loved the Mystic Valley series! In fact, Last Hope was my first ever Moira Rogers book! So happy to see you’re bringing it all back and giving me MOAR (I distinctly remember begging to know if we’d see more of Ella and/or Blake after finishing The 13th Step and you assuring me we would – *happy dance*)

  9. I have not read this series but I know I’ll enjoy it. Thanks for the free reads, too.

  10. Nancy Gilliland says:

    I need to go back and reread these-I do have them all-I don’t think there is a moira Rogers book I don’t have, come to think of it.

  11. Oh running to All romance to get my ree copy. I read Last Hope and love it.!!!:)

  12. Thanks for the free reads. Great way to start this series! :o)

  13. Denise D/LolaLovesBooks says:

    Right on! I normally don’t start a series until it has at least three out. I’m feeling pretty spoiled right about now by getting three free, two at great prices and a sixth to drool about :-) You guys rock!

  14. ooo more of your books to read! Thank you very much for the free books, I hope I love the series, as it has mystic in the series title :)

  15. Weeee! Thanks so much! Can’t wait to read them!

  16. I’ve been absent for some time, but now I remember why I used to love this blog. Thanks , I¡¦ll try and check back more frequently. How frequently you update your web site?

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