Interviews & contests & reviews, OH MY!

Six days to Cipher, and there’s all sorts of excitement and WHEEE going on! So perhaps a roundup?

Southern Arcana Read Along

The Southern Arcana Read Along marches on, and you can head over to The Book Pushers to chat about Deadlock & possibly win a kindle. Fun and excitement, YAY!

There are a few early reviews of Cipher popping up, plus lots of interviews & giveaways. In no particular order…

Whew, I think that’s all I’ve got!  Check back for the rest of the week, though, because we’ve got some fun giveaways planned.  😀


  1. It is all about the breakfast foods. And Dixie John’s sausage!

  2. Wow! Amazon delivered Cipher to my Kindle about 8 hours early and I already finished it. 😀 So awesome!! LOVED it! Can’t wait to read Julio and Sera’s story. And I’m hoping Anna and Patrick are next in the queue.

    • Oh yay, Louise! I’m so excited that you got it early, and that you’ve already read it. And enjoyed it! Wheeeee!

      And you might get your wish about Anna & Patrick. 😉

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