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Oh man, I love this series. I love it so hard. I’ve loved it since I first read a couple of free stories on Kelley Armstrong’s website and got curious enough to pick up the first book.  I wasn’t in love with the first book, either… it violated one of my deal-breaker personal rules and pretty much danced on it. But there was still SOMETHING there. Something I couldn’t resist.  So I read the second book, and OMG the world just opened up.  Wolves and witches and shamans and and and…

I think there were four books out when I started.  I read and adored Dime Store Magic and Industrial Magic.  I counted the days until Haunted.  I read every free story, bought every anthology, loved every couple.  I even forgave Clay…by book 10.  He’ll probably never be my favorite, but I don’t hate him anymore.

There’s something magical about this series to me.  It’s where it lives, in the fuzzy land of urban fantasy and paranormal romance.  I love the heroine-focused stories and the elaborate world building and the first-person POV urban fantasy feel and the kick-ass plots and the adventure and the danger.  But I also love the romance subplots, and that sometimes the books get to be about two people coming together, and sometimes they get to be about a couple staying together. And I love that the narrators switch up, so that I get to explore different parts of the world and different relationships, and never feel like I’m getting bored only being stuck in one POV.

Honestly, when I read these books, I feel like someone took all of my favorite parts of urban fantasy, and all of my favorite parts of paranormal romance, and wrapped them up in a bow and said, “Here is your reading nirvana, Bree.” And. I. LOVE IT.

I read Spell Bound already.  Of course.  I was elated to have another book, and so so sad to know it’s almost over.  The main arc of the series is drawing to a close, with the 13th book being the final one, and I’m already grieving a little.  This is probably my favorite ongoing series, and I’m going to miss the hell out of it.

At least I can re-read it a few dozen times.  :)

Has anyone got a good replacement for me? I’m going to have to wean myself off this series so I don’t go into withdrawal!  I need action and romance and sex and alternating narrators and more couples than love triangles.

Help meeeeee!


  1. I LURVE this series. And I adore Clay <=== yes I said it!

    I think my favorite couple though is Jeremy/Jamie. They had some of the hottest scenes together (I have a window/balcony scene in mind).

    I haven't read Savannah's books yet. I was a bit disappointed to know these books weren't much about romance. I will read them though but I'm so sad it's coming to an end.
    I think Kelley Armstrong is the most featured author on my shelves LOL

    • The romance in the Savannah books is definitely more of a slow boil, but in this particular instance, I think I prefer it that way. It was always going to be a pretty tricky relationship to bring to life, and it could have been done in a lot of quick ways that would have reflected pretty badly on the hero.

      If I were you, I’d wait until all three are out and read them together. :p

  2. Lol I think I’ll listen to this sound advice! It’s only one year away.
    I was shocked to hear Savannah’s books would be the lasts. I remember reading a Q&A where the author was saying she was thinking of giving Jamie another book *sob* I kept hoping it’d be true *sob*

  3. Love me some Kelley Armstrong and did the embarrassing fangirl mumble when I met her at RT this year…but got her to sign my Angelic and Counterfeit Magic :)

    Last week I got my Becoming in the mail***squee***

    Now for Spellbound :)


  4. Love the whole series too! Favorite couple is definitely Paige and Lucas. When you get a replacement please let us all know 😉

  5. I’m with Caroline – I love Clay!!! He’s so…*sighs* mmmmm..

    I haven’t read any of the Savannah books as I didn’t really get into the witch books – I like Elena and Clay.

  6. I love Kelley Armstrong to sorry to see they are going to end will miss them. Lucas and Paige are my favorite with Elena and Clayton.
    Kathryn Smith –
    Has Nightmare Chronicles and Vampires series that I LOVE and they are full of paranormal romance and action with of course the sex!! And her Victorian Romances are great too!!

    Then there is Gena Showalter!!

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